Believe it or not, but sun is there every single day. And night. And there’s a way to track it. Unique way which documents sun path through the sky day by day. These pictures are taken by the help of pinhole photography which is called Solargraphy. The main principle is very simple – box with a little hole and negative photographic paper inside. Set it looking into the sunny spot ant leave it for about 6 months. Yes, months, not seconds or hours. After that no development is needed just a quick scan into digital media. And the original is gone, because it doesn’t like light. But there we have it – 6 months worth of sun traveling through the sky day by day. Those lines show how sun was moving up in the morning, reaching top position and going down. And the next day, and the next.. Spaces between lines show that the sun was absent those days and dots represent clouds that were covering sun. This type of photography is a very unique and yet so simple in it’s process, but time demanding way, to create a stunning image of those daily sun paintings.

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