Vilnius city streets are very interesting. And their names are pretty cool. Some are so interesting that I was really curious how those names came to life. And then I realised that I can create those stories myself. And I did.

Photo project “Talking streets” tells a story about Vilnius people who are very different from each other just like the streets they live in. Every sign was handmade and placed in his own street.

English speaking people: signs are in lithuanian, but I did my best to translate them.


There are many shadows in the Sun’s street


Famous street is not so famous


There are 60% vegetarians living in Butcher’s shop street


Verkiu 1 no one cried today (address Verkiu 1 direct translation from lithuanian – I’m crying alone)


People of Roosters street are very good at making excuses (Idiom: Make excuse – get out of a rooster)


I’m wearing dark glasses in Blueberries street


Everybody is very angry in Hornets street (idiom: angry as a hornet)


You’ll never walk alone in Escort street


Everybody is very happy today in Joy street


I listen to my music very loud in Peace street


Dicks street people are pissed off already


I lost 20 litas in Maironis street (Maironis – famous lithuanian writer which was on 20 litas bancnote)


There is not a single castle in the Castle street


I got a flat tire in the crater in Moon’s street


11 men slipped this winter in Fracture street


Everyone is throwing bouquets in the Brides street


There’s one wise guy living in the Tower’s street (Idiom: very wise guy – brain tower)